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Embryo adoption to become a mother is possible in Spain. We explain here   the most common reasons leading to choose this treatment as first or last option to form a family.
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Embryo donation: Couples who opt to receive donated embryos want to know who the donors are, their motivation, and requirements to be able to donate.
Autora: URH Especialistas en Fertilidad
Questions about the embryo transfer are generally related to the preparation and the technique followed. The procedure is simple, but there are several details that we like to take care about to make it smooth.
Autora: URH Especialistas en Fertilidad
Success in embryo freezing and thawing depends mainly on embryo quality and on the woman´s age at the time of freezing, but there are other influential factors. Here you can read about it!
Autora: URH Especialistas en Fertilidad
Egg donation with donor sperm or embryo donation may seem similar treatments, since neither treatment uses own sperm or eggs, however, there are important differences between the two. It is important to explain those differences so that patients can choose what treatment is the most appropriate for them.
Autora: URH Especialistas en Fertilidad

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