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If you are a heterosexual couple, looking for a pregnancy over 6 months, is a good idea to come to an initial consultation where we can talk about all the doubts you have accumulated throughout these months. If you are a lesbian couple or a woman without a male partner, you probably don’t have fertility problems, but nevertheless need information about the process that will allow you to start a family. On the first visit we will talk about family and personal history, and lifestyle habits that affect your fertility. We will propose you some tests that will help us have a diagnosis. And even sometimes, in this first consultation, it is possible to foresee what could be the recommended treatment. It is important to bring with you all tests and treatments that you may have previously performed in another center, as it will help to complete the diagnosis. If your are coming from outside Madrid, we would very much like to see you, but if this was impossible, we could do the first consultation by video conference (Skype o WhatsApp). If this is the case, we can organise it. Alternatively, if you can come to Madrid, you might want to stay in the Hotel Aravaca Village, which is right next to the clinic, and will facilitate your visit to us.

When is the second visit?

The second visit usually takes place in less than a month. The tests results are reviewed and, if necessary, treatment is recommended. Treatments can begin immediately, since there are no waiting lists.

In URH García del Real treatment is as personalized as possible, so successive visits are with the same doctor. Additionally, in our daily clinical sessions the medical team (doctors and embryologists) reviews case by case, so we can come up with the most appropriate treatment for each couple or patient.


Send us this form with your preferences for the appointment (dates and time slot) and we will call you by phone to arrange it. If you want us to contact you by e-mail, let us know in the comments. Thank you very much.

Demande un rendez-vous.

Envoyez-nous ce formulaire avec vos préférences pour le rendez-vous (dates et plage horaire), et nous vous appellerons par téléphone pour le fixer. Si vous préférez que nous vous contactions par e-mail, veuillez l’indiquer dans les commentaires. Merci beaucoup.


Envíanos este formulario con tus preferencias para la cita (fechas y franja horaria) y te llamaremos por teléfono para concertarla. En caso de que quieras que te contactemos por e-mail indícanoslo en los comentarios. Muchas gracias.

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