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Interview to…Frédérique Deffontaine

Fertilog advises on effective, comprehensive and powerful alternative therapies that will provide more winning resources to your infertility every day and will contribute to the success of the assisted reproduction treatment of each one.

Entrepreneur, creator of Fertilog

Frederique is an enterprising French woman who, at one point in her life, required fertility treatments to conceive her children. Along with the hope of achieving her goal of being a mother, she discovered that fears, concerns, uncertainties and other feelings that assisted reproduction patients usually have appeared. She felt that if she had had the support of someone who understood her because she had gone through the same thing, those negative feelings would have been less.

After her experience, Frederique decided to give her support and knowledge to whoever needed it, creating FERTILOG. Although FERTILOG is at the service of all nationalities, Frederique especially helps French women or couples seeking assisted reproduction treatment in Spain, and has collaborated with URH García de Real for years.Here we leave you an interview that we did with her so that you can get to know her a little better, and what she does.

What does the FERTILOG service consist of?

Fertilog is a service that offers free advice when choosing your assisted reproduction (RA) clinic in Spain, tools to prepare you physically and mentally for your RA, and individualized and unlimited emotional support to help you get pregnant quickly at the lowest emotional cost and financial possible.

What is behind this service proposal?

When I had to do an RA treatment myself, I felt alone, misunderstood. Outside of the clinic, I had no one to turn to, no one who could help me. Even my husband and friends didn’t know how to cheer me up anymore, and couldn’t find the right words and gestures to support me. Apart from this emotional vacuum, I discovered that there was a general lack of information about AR techniques in France, about Spanish clinics, about alternative therapies that can improve results. I looked for information, I studied a lot, but I would have liked to be guided, accompanied, advised, even with a coach…

Can you tell us a few words about your multidisciplinary network? I firmly believe that infertility is also treated outside the gynecological field. I see it every day: patients who have prepared themselves before, during and after their treatment (acupuncture, sophrology, kinesiology, osteopathy, psychology, magnetism, oxygen therapy, dietetics, coaching, etc.) get pregnant faster and/or live your trip to Spain more serenely. AR must be treated by multiple disciplines that, together, unravel the knot… Fertilog will advise on effective, comprehensive and powerful alternative therapies that will provide more winning resources to your infertility every day and will contribute to the success of the assisted reproduction treatment of each one. Why is it essential to be accompanied during RA treatment and why are the chances of pregnancy higher?

I have the experience of having lived 5 years of infertility and I have felt the pain of all these women who cannot have a child. This adventure has allowed me to give life to 3 wonderful children and move, for 10 years, in the world of infertility. A woman who suffers, if she is accompanied, surrounded, listened to, comforted, confident, optimistic and happy, is a woman who lives her treatment more serenely, and will be able to take the necessary steps until she achieves pregnancy. Frédérique, you are a writer. Tell us about “The Promise of the Month”! “The Promise of the Month” was written when I was undergoing treatment… by me, to spit out on paper all the negative emotions that drowned me. It is a story that immerses the reader in the daily life of a couple facing the sad and difficult diagnosis of infertility. Very easy to read, the couple follows the treatments and multiplies the steps in the hope of getting pregnant and having a child. However, nothing happens as they wish… In practical terms, if you want to be accompanied by Fertilog, what do I have to do? Write me and we’ll schedule a call so you can explain everything to me! Then I will accompany you and advise you… I know the Spanish clinics and I can advise you on clinics with success rates above the Spanish average, as is the case of URH García del Real. We will be in constant contact in order to maintain the benefits of a calm mind, free of stress and thus obtain excellent conditions that definitely make the difference between an assisted reproduction treatment alone and one accompanied by Fertilog.



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