Pregnancies per embryo transfer

The majority of couples undergoing egg donation have a diagnosis of ovarian failure due to age or other reasons. These couples have a pregnancy at term rate, using their own oocytes in IVF, below 10% per cycle. Oocyte donation increases their chances of pregnancy and lowers the risk of miscarriage. In URH Garcia del Real, the pregnancy rate per embryo transfer in egg donation is 64% per cycle (slightly higher than the Spanish mean).

Cumulative pregnancies after egg donation + frozen embryo transfer

This graphic shows how the pregnancy rate increases as more cycles are performed and frozen embryo transfers are added. We accomplish a cumulative pregnancy rate of 96% after 3 donor egg cycles; that means, 96% of URH García del Real patients will conceive with egg donation.

Pregnancies depending on the number of embryos transferred

One of our main goals is to achieve a singleton pregnancy. In oocyte donation, we perform single embryo transfers with no lowering of the pregnancy rate and with a virtually nonexistent risk of twins.

Single Embryo Transfer
Double Embryo Transfer

These graphics show the mean pregnancy rates in URH García del Real in the last 5 years compared with the Spanish mean  (published by the  Registry of the Spanish Fertility Society).

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