To achieve a correct ovulation

The objective of ovarian stimulation is to achieve a correct ovulation in women that do not normally ovulate.

Ovarian stimulation is indicated for:
1. Patients with polycystic ovaries
2. Patients with irregular ovulation.

In Polycystic Ovaries, before the stimulation of ovulation, it is possible to carry out a treatment for the spontaneous induction of the ovulation with anti-diabetics (oral tablets) always under endocrine control. With this treatment 80% of patients recover a normal menstrual rhythm, and reach a 50-60% pregnancy rate.

Ovarian stimulation consists in:

Ovulation stimulation begins with the period and consists of:

1. Stimulating the ovaries with hormones (oral or injected) from day 3 to 5 of the cycle. We carry out 2 or 3 transvaginal ultrasounds throughout a week (from day 8 or 12 of the cycle) to control ovarian response to the stimulation.

2. Set the recommended time for sexual intercourse (at the time of ovulation)

3. Pregnancy test: It is done 15 days after the ovulation.

During the month of treatment the patient can lead a normal life.

During the month of treatment the patient can lead a normal life.

The pregnancy rate per cycle (or month of the treatment) is 25-30%. After 4-6 attempts, 60% of women get pregnant. The incidence of twin pregnancy is 10-15%. Between 3 and 6 treatment cycles are recommended.

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