For men who want to preserve their fertility.

There are multiple reasons why it may be advisable to freeze sperm in order to preserve fertility in men.

Sperm freezing is indicated in:
1. Men who are about to undergo a vasectomy.
2. Men who have to undergo a process of andrology surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy .
3. Men who have very few sperm and there is a fear of a deterioration of the semen samples over time.
4. Men who will not be able to be present the day of the fertility treatment of his partner.

Guidelines for sperm freezing:
1. Obtain a semen sample by masturbation. It is recommended to obtain it in the clinic to begin the processing as soon as possible.
2. Sexual abstinence of 3-7 days and no fever (over 38.5°C) in the last three months.
3. Take an antibiotic three days prior to the production of the sample to freeze.
4. Sperm freezing. The semen sample is processed in the laboratory to select the best sperm for freezing, and stored in liquid nitrogen until use.

To ensure the preservation of fertility it is advisable to freeze from one to three semen samples.

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