Guarantee pregnancy

Pregnancy and Birth Guarantee for IVF Patients

Thinking of You

In vitro fertilization (IVF) comes with a high cost, and it is often necessary to undergo multiple treatment cycles to achieve success. Guaranteeing pregnancy is impossible. All of this adds an extra layer of concern to the already existing challenges of trying to conceive. At URH García del Real, we have developed a plan called “Pregnancy Guarantee” which allows you to repeat IVF treatments until the birth of your baby. If this doesn’t happen, we refund up to 100% of the payments. There are clinical conditions associated with this program, which we will explain if you are interested.

What does it include?

  • Program with a 24-month guarantee duration.
  • Unlimited cycles of IVF during the guarantee.
  • Unlimited cycles of frozen embryo transfer using the cryopreserved embryos from each cycle.
  • Freezing costs and storage of embryos until the program’s completion.
  • Freezing and preservation of semen samples, if necessary, during the guarantee period.

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