Oocyte vitrification

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IVF pregnancies with frozen (vitrified) oocytes

Oocyte vitrification is the treatment chosen by women, basically, to postpone their motherhood. When they want a pregnancy with these vitrified oocytes, they can be used in an in vitro fertilization cycle (IVF).In the graphic we compare the probability of pregnancy using vitrified oocytes, in URH García del Real, with the national average. In both cases, results are from women under 31 years at the time of freezing their oocytes.

IVF pregnancies with vitrified oocytes, according to the number of embryos transferred:

One of our goals is to achieve a single pregnancy. Patients of good prognosis with vitrified oocytes, can transfer one embryowithout fear of decreasing the probability of pregnancy and with the guarantee that the risk of twin pregnancy is practically non-existent.

Number of oocytes needed to achieve a pregnancy and a delivery
To achieve a pregnancy with vitrified oocytes, it´s needed to thaw around 20 oocytes. The number increases to 23 thawed oocytes to achieve a delivery. These data from URH García del Real are better than those of the Spanish average.