We offer personalised treatments, and pregnancy rates above average

Sincere and respectful treatment of our patients

Giving good information, recommending alternative treatments and respecting the decisions of the patients is key to help them walk the path of fertility treatments..

Coordinated and in depth evaluation of each case
Our size, team work and the daily clinical sessions, allow coordinated and in depth evaluation of each patient, and thus, provide the most appropriate treatment and the maximum probability of pregnancy.

Multidisciplinary health care team and the most cutting-edge technology

We have a large team (gynaecologists, embryologists, endocrinolgoa, nutritionist, Urologist, psychologists), highly qualified and with the most advanced technology.

Fast fertility study

We carry out all necessary tests in the shortest time possible. Thanks to pooling tests and our long opening hours, it is common that women can complete their study in one or two visits, and the male in a single day.


We apply strict controls throughout the process, allowing the maintenance of high standards of quality and safety protocols.

Single pregnancy
Our goal is a mother and a baby. You don’t need to risk a multiple pregnancy to get the maximum probability of pregnancy.

Modern facilities in Aravaca

Our clinic is located in Aravaca with easy access from inside and outside Madrid, public parking and a pleasant environment.

100% financing

We are committed to maintain reasonable prices to try that costs do not hamper the treatment of patients who seek our help. Check out our “Concibe Plan”