Transvaginal Ultrasound

fertility study

Necessary before trying for a pregnancy

The transvaginal ultrasound allows to diagnose alterations in the uterine wall (e.g. myomas or fibroids), the endometrium (e.g. polyps), the ovaries (e.g. cysts) and in the fallopian tubes (e.g. hidrosalpinx).

The measurement of the antral follicle count (present at the beginning of each cycle) allows to evaluate, together with the hormonal analysis, the ovarian reserve. This test must be carried out from day 3 to 5 of the cycle (considering the first day of the cycle the one with red and heavy bleeding).

It is necessary to ask for an appointment when you have your period. Ultrasound can be performed from Monday to Friday and the results are available immediately after. The results are explained by the doctor after the ultrasound.