Oocytes vitrification


To improve your chances of pregnancy in the future

Oocyte vitrification (or oocyte freezing) is a preservation fertility treatment based on the ultrarapid freezing of eggs obtained after an ovarian stimulation.

It is indicated in:
1. Couples that don’t want to freeze surplus embryos from an IVF cycle.
2. Women who desire to postpone their maternity.
3. Before a chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment

Oocyte vitrification consists of:

1. Ovarian stimulation: is carried out after menstruation with injectable hormonal preparations (subcutaneous). This treatment is controlled with serial transvaginal ultrasound and blood tests during 6-8 days with the aim of achieving a good development of the oocytes and determining the optimum moment for their recovery.

2.Recovery of oocytes: The oocytes are collected by piercing the ovaries through the vagina, under ultrasound control, and aspirating the content of the follicles (small sacks of liquid each containing an oocyte). The follicular puncture is practiced under sedation in the operating theater, and lasts from 10 to 15 minutes. A few hours later the patient returns home, where she rests throughout the whole day.

3. Vitrification of oocytes: is carried out in the laboratory after retrieval. Oocytes are treated with cryoprotectans and submerged in liquid nitrogen at  -196ºC.  After oocyte retrieval, no more medication is needed, and the menstruation will come in 3 to 10 days.

The duration of treatment is 10 to 15 days and the patient can lead a normal life during the treatment. The ideal age for the vitrification of eggs is before 30, although results are good until 35 and more limited between 36 and 39. After 40, oocyte preservation is not recommended. This treatment does not change the age of menopause 

When the patient decides to use the vitrified oocytes, we will proceed to thaw them. The rate of survival after thawing (90%) is variable depending on the woman’s age at the time of vitrification and the quality of her oocytes. The oocytes will be inseminated by ICSI with the partner´s or donor sperm, to obtain embryos that may be transferred to the uterus. The optimun number of frozen oocytes, to have a future pregnancy rate around 100%, is 20 to 30, depending on the woman´s age. In one ovarian stimulation cycle we obtain between 10 to 20 oocytes in women with a normal ovarian reserve, and 6 to 10 in women above 35. 

For more information on prices of oocyte vitrification you can visit our Concibe plan page.

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