Ultrarapid freezing to preserve embryos

Technique associated with IVF

One more chance to get pregnant

Vitrification is a new technique for an ultrarapid freezing. It is used to preserve good quality embryos which have not been transferred to the uterus in an IVF cycle. Embryos remain vitrified until the patient decides to use them in a frozen embryo transfer.

A frozen embryo transfer consists of:

1.Endometrial preparation: It is not essential to use hormonal medication if the woman has regular cycles. If the woman has irregular cycles or without ovulation, a menstruation is triggered by an intramuscular injection of a GnRH analogue. Then the patient starts a treatment with estradiol (pills or patches) that thickens the endometrium. One or two scans are necessary from the eigth or tenth day after the menstruation to check that the endometrium is ready for the reception of the embryos.

2. Embryo transfer: a treatment with progesterone (oral or vaginal) is required before the transfer to facilitate the implantation of the embryos.

3.The pregnancy test is carried out in blood approximately 10 days after frozen embryo transfer and the results are available in a few hours.

During the treatment a normal life can be carried out. 

The pregnancy rate per embryo transfer is 40%. The incidence of twin pregnancy is 10-15%.

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