Oocyte donation


Without you it wouldn´t be possible

Oocyte or Egg donationis the giving of eggs from one woman (donor) to another (recipient)in an anonymous way, so that the latter can become pregnant. It is a generous, voluntary and altruistic act that allows women to become mothers when they cannot otherwise for multiple causes (age, genetic diseases, cancer..).

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The steps to become a donor are:

It will be necessary to carry out a series of tests to ensure that the requirements to donate eggs are met, which in summary form consist of:

1.In afirst interviewin our clinic we will explain the whole process.
2gynecological check-up, transvaginal scan, blood tests and a psychological consultation. It normally takes 1 or 2 visitsto do all tests.
3.Results will be ready in one month.From that moment you will be ready to donate eggs

When the eggs are needed, we get in contact with the donor to start the treatment,which will last around 12 days.

The oocyte donation treatment consists of:

1. Ovarian stimulation: The treatment will start on the 2nd or 3rd day of the cycle with a subcutaneousinjectionin our clinic. That medication will have an effect during the following 7 days. Five days after the injection the donor will start coming to the clinic for scans and blood tests, and to give extra medication if necessary. She will come 2 to 4 times in a week.

2. Recuperación de los ovocitos: Cuando los óvulos están listos, se recuperan pinchando con una aguja fina los ovarios, bajo sedación, para que la donante no sienta ninguna molestia. After a day´s rest the donor can lead anormal life.

What does the donor need to know?

  1. The donation of eggs is anonymuos. The donor does not know the identity of the recipient, it does not have any right or duty on the possible offspring. Neither the recipient couple knows the origin of the eggs.

  2. The donation, by law, must be altruistic, but it cannot produce costs to the donor. That is why donors will be compensatedwith 1000€ for the costs and inconveniences derived from the treatment

  3. This treatment does not alter the donor´sfuture fertility.

  4. Donors in URH García del Real must be between 18 and 30

    For more information, consult our blog about theegg donation process.

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