“Thank you for the miracle” 奇跡をありがとう

“It is with great joy that we announce the birth of our son Julian on the 20th of May. Perhaps there aren’t enough words in a language to express our infinite gratitude to you and your staff for the affection, attention, and professionalism that you showed us from the first visit. After ten years of endless frustrated attempts with the supposedly best specialist in the field, you gave my wife the hope and confidence to have children. Thank you for allowing this to be possible. It has been the greatest of all miracles and blessings. Please add our newborn son to your illustrious family of international babies. We would collaborate in any way so that others may realize their own miracle. Best wishes to everyone at the clinic. We hope some day to thank you in person.”

Jose Enrique y  Hitomi (Agosto 2018)

“Excellent clinic”

“My husband and I, we turned to the clinic URH – Garcia del Real, because during the first contact they seemed very helpful and professional. This impression was confirmed when I started the treatment. All the staff is very professional, helpful and with the necessary sensitivity to understand the problem and expectations of those who turn to this type of care. The price / performance ratio is certainly adequate, and we really recommend this clinic to everyone.

Angelica in treatmentabroad.com


“Affordable IVF with outstanding medical team”

“After consulting with doctors in the USA for IVF treatments, we scheduled a consultation at URH in Madrid, with Doctor Sylvia Fernandez-Shaw. From our first complimentary visit, we were extremely pleased with the professionalism, care and attention we received from the team at URH. The costs were about 1/4th of the cost of the procedure in the US, and the drugs and hormones that were involved in the process were tailored to my specific needs and newer than the ones our US doctor had proposed. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Dr. Fernandez-Shaw spoke perfect English and took the time to meet with us to learn all about our medical history, concerns and expected outcomes. She was available by email throughout the whole process and afterwards, which is rare in a doctor in the US. We have had two IVF treatments done, one successful, one unsuccessful, with only one embryo implanted each time. They will also freeze embryos there for future procedures or donation. The cost of the trip to Spain was still far less than what the procedure would have cost in the US. I have already recommended URH to friends in the US that have already traveled from Boston to have IVF treatments done. “

Ana in treatmentabroad.com

“Positive pregnancy test!”

Positive pregnancy test!It was our first attempt, and we would like to thank URH for all they have done. God willing if everything goes well with this pregnancy we will go back to URH in the near future as we have frozen embryos.”

Maria en whereivf.com

“URH turned out to be a good choice”

IVF in Madrid? Why not! I thought almost 2 years ago. We took decision very fast and bought tickets to Madrid. URH turned out to be a good choice. IVF with PGS, because of my age, finished with success!” 

Sara en whereivf.com