Pregnancies in IVF per embryo transfer

The spontaneous pregnancy rate of a young fertile couple after 6 months trying to concieve is around 17%; and it drops to 10% after one year. These percentages are lower when the woman is older than 35. In vitro fertilization (IVF) improves this situation.

Pregnancies in IVF depending on maternal age
Pregnancies in IVF depending on diagnosis
Cumulative pregnancies after IVF + Frozen embryo transfer

This graphic shows how the pregnancy rate increases as more cycles are performed and frozen embryo transfers are added. Women younger than 35 have a cumulative pregnancy rate of 92% after 3 IVF cycles; that means, 92% of URH García del Real patients, younger than 35, will conceive with IVF.
When the patient is between 35 and 39 years old, the cumulative pregnancy rate is 82%. In women that are 40 or more, that probability lowers to 56%.

Pregnancies in IVF depending on the number of transferred embryos

One of our main goals is to achieve a singleton pregnancy. In patients with good prognosis, we perform single embryo transfers. There is no reduction of the pregnancy rate and a virtually nonexistent risk of twins.

Single Embryo Transfer
Double Embryo Transfer

These graphics show the mean pregnancy rates in URH García del Real in the last 5 years compared with the Spanish mean in the year 2013  (published by the  Spanish Fertility Society Registry)

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