Some of your doubts

Here we answer your most frequent questions about Fertility in a short way. You will find more in our patients forum and blog

URH – García del Real is a private center, accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Health, integrated within the Institute of Medicine EGR which includes obstetrics and gynaecology, endocrinology, urology, rheumatology, vascular and aesthetic medicine consultations.

Our doctors and embryologists speak fluent English and we also have at your disposal our International Department Staff which will help you with your consultations in French and Italian.

There is no waiting time. A first consultation is advisable (although not compulsory) and we can schedule it as soon as you want. We will ask you for basic diagnostic tests that you can choose to do before you come for consultation, or you can do in our center.
Once we have results from the basic tests and other personalized tests, we can start treatment inmediately. If you need an egg donor, we will begin the synchronization with the donor with your next menstruation.

You may wish to freeze a sperm sample when you come to the first visit so that, once we start with the treatment, the length of time that you need to come for is shortened.

Before pregnancy it is essential to have a gynaecological check up (smear test, breast check up and transvaginal scan) as well as a serology. In men we ask for a serology and a sperm analysis.

Depending on the treatment to be performed and the medical history we might ask for further tests.

For a first consultation and basic tests only one day is needed.
For intrauterine insemination 3 to 7 days is generally enough.
For IVF we will need you to be in Madrid for 10-15 days.
For egg donation a single day is needed if sperm has been frozen before; or up to 6 days if we use fresh sperm.

We have an International Department which will give you all the information you need.
If you require it, they can help you organize your trip (transport from airport to hotel, hotel reservations…).

Yes, we are open every day of the year.

Yes, each patient will be treated with the same doctor.

Yes, we treat women until the age of 49.

It generally takes between 1 or 2 months to do all necessary diagnostic tests and start treatment.

We match according with the patient´s physical characteristics, blood group, Rh factor and ethnic group.

We give at least 6 mature oocytes from the donor. If we don’t retrieve that number, we can offer you to use vitrified oocytes or we can cancel the cycle and reschedule.

Although the legislation allows women under the age of 35 we normally accept donors under the age of 30.

In Spain, donation is voluntary and anonymous, but we can tell you about the physical characteristics, blood type, Rh factor and ethnic group.
Donors´ requirements are established by the Spanish law. Donors will have a general gynecological examination and the necessary tests in order to diagnose genetic, endocrine, infectious or psychological diseases.

We perform embryo transfers on day 3 or day 5 (blastocyst). We will determine in which day you will have a better prognosis to get pregnant. The blastocyst stage has higher implantation rates but not all embryos can develop and reach the blastocyst stage.

Depending on the woman’s age and the embryo quality we recommend transferring 1 or 2 embryos. Our goal is to achieve the best possible pregnancy rate with the lower risk of multiple pregnancies. However, the final decision is yours.

We use vitrification, which is an ultrarapid freezing technique that does not allow forming ice crystals and reduces the risk of cell damage. We vitrify embryos and oocytes.

Yes, with an oocyte donation you can get pregnant.

We can send you a prescription for your doctor in your home country.

The payment has to be made before the day of the embryo transfer. We accept bank transfer, cash and credit card.