Accreditations and Certificates

We aim for a healthy and full term pregnancy

URH – García del Real is a private centre, accredited by the Ministerio de Sanidad y Asuntos Sociales and has always been a Collaborating Center with the Assisted Reproduction Registry of the Spanish Fertility Society (SEF). This means that both the activity and results published by our center in the  Registro de Reproducción Asistida, annually, are represented truthfully and are audited and endorsed by the SEF. This registry has earned the Transparency Prize by the Ministry of Health, Social Policy and Equality in 2011 and is compulsory from 2016. URH García del Real has obtained the Certificate of Treatment Transparency accredited by www.whereivf.com and www.eggdonationfriends.com, international portals for fertility patients.

Pregnancy rates in URH García del Real

We work to make your pregnancy healthy and full term, that is with the least possible risk of miscarriage and multiple pregnancy. Our efforts to improve the quality and results of treatments are linked to a constant study and application of advanced clinical and laboratory techniques. Additionally, in URH García del Real, we design new strategies to improve treatments, many of them are published in national and international scientific publications. Depending on the age of the women, the probability of achieving a spontaneous pregnancy during the first 6 months of trying is 15-25%. This probability gradually decreases and after a year is about 5-10%Assisted Reproduction Treatments significantly increase the chances of pregnancy achieving a cumulative pregnancy rate of 90%. The pregnancy rates listed here are the ones achieved in each cycle (or month) of treatment during the last 5 years, compared with the last general Spanish rates published by the  Spanish Fertility Society. We invite you see our pregnancy rates in Artificial Insemination, IVF, Egg donation and Frozen Embryo transfer and Embriodonation. Additionally, URH García Del Real has, what we call, the “Concibe plan”, which consists in offering reproduction treatments at the best possible prices, so that costs are not the reason to limit your chances of pregnancy.