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Artificial Insemination (AI) consists of performing an ovarian stimulation and inserting, inside the uterus, the partner´s sperm, the day of ovulation.

Artificial insemination is indicated in:
1. Alteration in the concentration or motility of the sperm.
2. Sterility of unknown origin.

Artificial insemination consists of:

1. Stimulating the ovaries with injectable hormonal solutions from the 3rd day of the cycle. Two to 4 transvaginal ultrasounds are carried out throughout a week (from day 8 of the cycle) to control the response of the ovaries to stimulation. When 1 to 3 good sized follicles are viewed by ultrasound, medication (HCG) is administered to induce ovulation.

2. Performing the insemination between day 10 to 18 of the cycle. The male partner produces a semen sample, which is prepared in the laboratory the day of the insemination. The insemination consists in inserting, through the cervix, a thin cannula loaded with the partner’s sperm. This procedure is not painful, takes a few minutes and can be carried out in the consultation room. After the insemination the patient rests for 10 minutes.

3. The pregnancy test is carried out in blood approximately 15 days after the insemination and the results are available in a few hours.


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During the month of treatment the patient can lead a normal life.

Pregnancy rate per cycle (or month of treatment) is 15-20%. After 3 cycles 30-35% of couples obtain a pregnancy. Incidence of twin pregnancy: 10 – 15 %.
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You can find information on the cost of the artificial insemination in URH García del Real in our Conceive Plan Prices

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