Elective treatment for women without a male partner

Artificial insemination with donor sperm (AI-D) consists in controlling or stimulating the ovulation and placing the donor sperm, inside the uterusthe day of ovulation.

Artificial insemination with donor sperm is indicated in:

1. Women with no male partner.
2. Serious or/and irreversible alteration in the partner’s sperm
3. Risk of transmission of genetic or infectious disease

Artificial insemination with donor sperm consists of:

1. Ovarian stimulation: For this treatment it is not essential to stimulate the ovaries if the woman is young and has a normal fertility study and regular cycles. In case of ovarian stimulation, injectable hormonal preparations are used from the 3rd day of the cycle. Two to 4 transvaginal ultrasounds are carried out throughout a week (from day 8 of the cycle) to control the ovarian response to the stimulation. When 1 to 3 good sized follicles are viewed by ultrasound, medication (HCG) is administered to induce ovulation.

2. The intrauterine insemination is performed between day 10 and 18 of the cycle. The day of the insemination, the semen sample from the donor is thawed and prepared for insemination. The insemination consists of inserting, through the cervix, a thin cannula loaded with the donor sperm. This procedure is not painful, lasts a few minutes and it can be carried out in the consultation room. After the insemination the patient rests for 10 minutes.

3. The pregnancy test is carried out in blood approximately 15 days after insemination and the results are available in a few hours.

During the month of treatment the patient can lead a normal life.

Pregnancy rate per cycle (or month of treatment) is 25%, and after 3 cycles 60%. Incidence of twin pregnancy: 15 – 20 %. Between 3 and 6 cycles of treatment are recommended. Click here to see our latests results  with this treatment.

You can find information on the cost of the treatment in URH García del Real in  Conceive Plan Prices. 

The sperm Bank studies every donor to make sure they do not carry any genetic or infectious diseases which could be transmitted. On top of that, these donors are submitted to control tests 6 months later. Only then, the semen samples which were stored can be used. Donors are chosen depending on height, constitution, eye, skin and hair colour and blood group. URH García del Real works with a Spanish and other European Semen Banks for greater availability of differents phenotypes.

Legal aspects of artificial insemination with donor sperm

1. The donation of gametes is anonymous, so the receptor cannot choose a donor.
2. Donors are adults with full capacity to act and have been accepted after completing legally established studies about phenotypical characteristics, genetic, hereditary or infectious diseases.
3. The choice of donor is decided by the medical team and has to guarantee that the donor has the maximal phenotypical and immunological similarity with the receptor.
4. The maximum number of newborns with semen from the same donor is 6.
5. When the receptor has a partner he/she must express his/her written consent.

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